Singer Songwriter Storyteller

Singer Songwriter Storyteller

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Wyoming Women Expo

I was invited to perform/present at the Wyoming Women Expo to celebrate women and their right to vote in Wyoming – a first in the nation. The discussions that day inspired many of the ideas behind the ‘Free’ video.

Wyoming March 2019

‘Big Blue’ the Buick was the tour mobile once again in March for a two-week run in late winter. The tour featured Jeffrey Smith and B. Rehm-Gerdes.

Shelter in Place Album

Shelter in Place, Inda?s 8th independently produced album is a stunning mix of emotionally charged anthems, ballads, and boot-stompers, featuring B. Rehm-Gerdes, Michael Gugliemo, Jeff Marshall and Jeffrey Smith (with special appearances by Eve Nelson, Nancy Atlas, Lee Lawler and Rose Lawler). This collection of eleven story-rich songs highlights the power of human connection and offers a dashboard-drumming, heart-healing journey through life, death, laughter and love.

2017 Solar Eclipse

Casper was directly in the vortex of the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Jeffrey & I met in Denver and drove up as there were no flights left. People were camping in driveways, grilling in parking lots. Casper was a festival. The moment of the Eclipse was profound and felt like life was about to change. It was. Photo by Dorn Zimmers.

Milwaukee Festival

We played the Festival at Enderis Park in Milwaukee with Jeffrey Smith, B. Rehm-Gerdes & Curt Mychael. Wisconsin people are the most proficient tailgate and fest goers I have ever witnessed. People there roll out of their dwellings with their custom ice chest cart-picnic rigs. They are ready to go in any temperature. Photo by Alex de Fleron.


Bonnie Grice keeps the conversation rolling no matter the subject or circumstance. WPPB 88.3 has been amazing to us and we can’t thank them enough.

Bay Street 2016

Inda Eaton and Friends at the Bay Street Theater

What an evening! This 2016 Bay Street show was ‘one for the books’ and the game tape help paved the way to Shelter in Place. The show featured: Eve Nelson, Nancy Atlas, Lee Lawler, Rose Lawler, B. Rehm-Gerdes, Jeffrey Smith, Curt Mychael, Heather Stewart and Leah Finkelstein. Photo by Bryan Downey