FREE Video Release

INDA EATON FREE video is a song from the Shelter in Place album (Inda Eaton). The people and ideas in the movie developed organically as a NY film maker, Mike Lavin and his Queens girl friend joined our crew on a mini tour to my origin state of Wyoming in Fall, 2019 and then back to NY in … Read more

Why the Desert

Inda Eaton - Why the Desert

Billboard Magazine Continental Drift, By Larry Flick November 17, 2001 It’s not easy for an acoustic-minded singer/songwriter to rise above the seemingly endless mass of troubadours out there, plying their wares. After all, how many ways are there to tell tales of love-gone-wrong and other various life quandaries? Somehow, though, Inda Eaton has developed a … Read more

Twila (1941-2018)

Twila 1941-2018

Twila is the story of my mom’s last six months as she travelled east to spend time in our neighborhood before returning west to the portal for her departure.  None of us had any idea what the next moment would bring.  There was only now.  And now kept evolving.

Go West

Go West is a deliberate journey with imagined destinations and unintended results. It’s a driving record. It’s anywhere you’re not with the idea that something is greater around the corner.  The writing is about unrequited yearning while reconciling that the best is now and yet to come. It taps into and is a direct result … Read more

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place, Inda Eaton’s 8th independently produced album is a stunning mix of emotionally charged anthems, ballads, and boot-stompers, featuring B. Rehm-Gerdes, Michael Gugliemo, Jeff Marshall and Jeffrey Smith (with special appearances by Eve Nelson, Nancy Atlas, Lee Lawler and Rose Lawler). This collection of eleven story-rich songs highlights the power of human connection … Read more