Bay Street Show

Shelter in Place at Bay Street is an original music experience filled with stories about wanderlust, human connection and adventures in resilience.? Performing songs from Inda?s latest album, Shelter in Place, the show takes a rousing look at the allure and chaos of the road from the perspective of being in a safe and loving place. Think ?girl with a guitar who is addicted to harmony and dash board drumming? meets a TED talk hosted at a comedy club. Shelter in Place is featured on Itunes and Spotify.? CDs will be available at Bay Street for Inda to sign after the show.

In this rare opportunity when the full band unites with delicious stagecraft, Inda is supported by east end vocal legends, NY rhythm section and her national touring acoustic trio to include: Michael Guglielmo (drums), Jeff Marshall (bass), B. Rehm-Gerdes (guitar & vocals), Jeffrey Smith (percussion), Lee Lawler, Rose Kerin (Lawler) with a special guest appearance by Nancy Atlas.

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