Jack of Diamonds

Over the top with emotion from recent ‘Shelter in Place’! Beautiful work by an entire community. More clips & credits to follow…

Bay Street Show

Shelter in Place at Bay Street is an original music experience filled with stories about wanderlust, human connection and adventures in resilience.? Performing songs from Inda?s latest album, Shelter in Place, the show takes a rousing look at the allure and chaos of the road from the perspective of being in a safe and loving place. Think ?girl with a guitar who is addicted to harmony and dash board drumming? meets a TED talk hosted at a comedy club.

Shelter in Place is featured on Itunes and Spotify.? CDs will be available at Bay Street for Inda to sign after the show.

Sisterhood of the Choir

Sisterhood of Choir

Congrats to Nancy Atlas & The Nancy Atlas Project for 42 Sold Out shows at the Bay Street Theater!? That’s like a Celine Dion residency at Caesar’s Palace when you’re a DIY-Indie label. There are 3 community generations featured in the choir.

Shelter in Place, Springs NY

Ellen Watson took this photo in my back yard in Springs, NY. L-R: Mike Guglielmo, Ind, B. Rehm-Gerdes, Jeffrey Smith and Jeff Marshall. We needed the entire plastic bottle of charcoal starter to keep the fire burning on the early March day.

Let It Rain

I took the self flip flop portrait while sitting in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve at the resting spot of Twila (my Mom) while listening to ‘Let it Rain’.
It is her song.
It was a perfect moment.

Twila (1941-2018)

Twila 1941-2018

Twila is the story of my mom?s last six months as she travelled east to spend time in our neighborhood before returning west to the portal for her departure.? None of us had any idea what the next moment would bring.? There was only now.? And now kept evolving.

SHAMF 2019

The Sag Harbor American Music Fest is my favorite music festival on the east end of Long Island. SHAMF loves original music and the sound is outstanding. You can feel it deep down. Julee Fish took this shot of my Larivee C-10 at the fest right before I cracked it down the middle (too much air drumming). We were honored to close out the fest. The Larivee got patched up and is better than ever.

Untamed in Shelter Island NY

Jane Martin took this photo one afternoon in Shelter Island, NY at a music fest at Sylvester Manor. It was a co-bill with Nancy Atlas & Gene Casey. I love how she captured the untamed hair.