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Singer Songwriter Storyteller

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FREE is a song from the Shelter in Place album (Inda Eaton). The people and ideas in the movie developed organically as a NY film maker, Mike Lavin and his Queens girl friend joined our crew on a mini tour to my origin state of Wyoming in Fall, 2019 and then back to NY in 2020. With the music as a back drop, we quickly became a documentary film/music family. The deep political divide boiling just under the surface made our project feel like an expedition in our own country to document strands of hope, common ground and mutual respect.

We performed our last live show on March 7th to a full house at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor NY. It was to be the beginning of the Shelter in Place tour. Then the world shut down.

Free was premiered at that show. I made the decision to postpone releasing it to the public because I didn’t want to be tone deaf with the message of Free(dom) in juxtaposition with what humanity is feeling as we all shelter in place. Now, I believe the time is right, it’s ok to be in this state of internal conflict and we need hope that freedom is coming.

We created the music with healing in mind.
In love & gratitude,

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Featured in the video: B. Rehm-Gerdes, Jeffrey Smith, Michael Guglielmo, Jeff Marshall, Lee Lawler, L’kela Lawler, Max & Jackson, Holman Family (Cathy, Dan, JD, Carter, Wes, Hattie & Gillian), Dorn Zimmers, Deanna Gould, Victoria Gould, Mark Nelson, Dauvi Thompson Rodriquez, Heather Huber, Shannon Forbes, Deirdre Stoelzle, Rob King, Chris King, Annemarie McCoy, Dani, Mike Lavin & Merk Perelstein.

Filmed in Casper WY, New York NY, East Hampton, Southampton and Montauk NY
Video production credits:
Inda Eaton, Executive Producer
Annemarie McCoy, Creative Director, Video Editor
Mike Lavin, Videographer and Editor
Location audio engineer: B. Rehm-Gerdes
Post production audio: Dave Hodge

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