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Singer Songwriter Storyteller

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Go West


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Go West is a deliberate journey with imagined destinations and unintended results. It’s a driving record. It’s anywhere you’re not with the idea that something is greater around the corner.? The writing is about unrequited yearning while reconciling that the best is now and yet to come. It taps into and is a direct result of the urgency to create adventure while keeping an eye on home.? Home is home, and everything else is not-home.

The home, foundation and spirit of this project come from the artists who played on the album — my band of brothers and sisters.? There are not enough words in any language to describe the admiration and emotion that I feel when I think about each performer.? The outro of ‘Hold On’ comes close with the out-of-control crescendo teetering on the edge of love and intensity.

After recording eleven songs in three days inside a controlled environment with minimal adult supervision — we followed it up with a live show featuring the guest artists.? The only instrumental overdub was the acoustic guitar and we made that allowance to capture the natural sounds over the direct input.? The vocals and mix happened later in LA over a month of coffee wisdom, intense grilling, many drinks and breaking bread.

Beyond making love, there’s nothing as vulnerable and visceral as musicians sitting down together to play music.? It’s pure raw emotion from our collective and parallel lives.There is no substitute for reality.? That is the intention of Go West.? Enjoy!

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Inda Eaton