Singer Songwriter Storyteller

Singer Songwriter Storyteller

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Jack of Diamonds

Jeffrey Smith – Percussion
Jeff Marshall – Bass
Michael Guglielmo – Drums
B. Rehm-Gerdes – Guitar
Lee Lawler – Vocals
Rose Kerin – Vocals
Nancy Atlas – Special guest

Creative Director – Annemarie McCoy
Director – Kate Mueth
Music Production Director – B. Rehm-Gerdes
Sound Engineer – Mike Mazzaraco
Monitor Engineer – Antonio Sisto
Lighting Design – Mike Billings
Photography – Bill Delano & Annemarie McCoy
Still Photography – Tom Kochie
Front of House? – Chris King & Ellen Di0guardi
Catering – Debbie Geppert

Audio Mix Engineer – B. Rehm-Gerdes
Video editing – Annemarie McCoy

Producer – Inda Eaton