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Twila (1941-2018)

Twila 1941-2018

Twila passed away a year ago today on October 6, 2018.? Processing the loss of my Mom has been a challenge beyond words.? No matter how much you exchange ideas with friends or google about ?loss of a mother? ? you can?t feel it until it happens.? And truthfully, when it happens, you can?t feel it either because of the instant shock of grief.

In the end, it was the Ring security footage that moved me to tell this story. Ring captures everything.? And in this case it captured the morgue attendant who came to collect Twila?s body.? I like to think that the birds eye view of the security footage is Twila?s vantage point outside of her physical body.

The security cam images led to six word stories.

Six word stories led to a video.

The video led me to create this alt instrumental version of ?Once? from Shelter in Place.


Photography credits:? Annemarie McCoy, Rick Eaton, JoBeth Jamison, Leah Bruscino, Alfred Kulick & Inda Eaton

Music: ?Once? (instrumental version) by Inda Eaton.? Musicians:? Eve Nelson (piano), B. Rehm-Gerdes (electric guitar), Jeff Marshall (bass), Michael Guglielmo (drums) and Inda (vocals, acoustic guitar).?

Writing:? Inda Eaton

Video edit:? Inda Eaton & Annemarie McCoy

Loving gratitude to Twila for bringing our scattered village together.

Cheers to the scattered village that revealed itself in our ?East meets West? story.

Leah Bruscino, Dorn Zimmers, Mark Bruscino, Jobeth Jamison, Eric Shelley, Ellie, Justine Karber Bishop, Cameron & Ann Karber, B. Rehm-Gerdes, Rick & Anka Eaton, Jeffrey Smith & Amy Fischer, Paul Klusman, AZ State Veterans Home, Dawn & Greg Disney, Carrie Smalanskas, Martha Thomas, Rob & Chris King, Jeff & Leslie Marshall, Mike & Tina Guglielmo, Nancy Atlas & Tom Muse, Steve & Joanna Dorn, Jane Martin, Lee & Jim Lawler, Barnes Landing community, Gene Conolly, Fighting Chance, East End Hospice & Southland Hospice.

Thank you to my best friend, Annemarie McCoy.? ?Mother in Law? territory is a difficult landscape.? You dove in head first.