Singer Songwriter Storyteller

Singer Songwriter Storyteller

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What’s the Story?

What's the Story?

“What’s the Story?” is a civics experiment.

The Great American Experiment and the founding principles of our democracy give me the opportunity and the freedom to speak out.

As a singer/songwriter, I use my voice to explore feelings and real issues that connect us – not divide us.

As a storyteller, I listen to people and help make their voices be heard.

Disclaimer: This series is not about politics. 

The first topic – Community Housing – is a critical issue and a proposition on the ballot (Nov8) in my local community, East Hampton.

What is the Community Housing Fund?

The Community Housing Fund, if approved by voters on Election Day, would provide a significant, ongoing source of revenue for East Hampton Town to create housing for members of our community faced with a severe housing shortage and rising prices.

Click here to learn more about this issue on the Town of East Hampton Website