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Why the Desert

Inda Eaton - Why the Desert

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Billboard Magazine
Continental Drift, By Larry Flick
November 17, 2001

It’s not easy for an acoustic-minded singer/songwriter to rise above the seemingly endless mass of troubadours out there, plying their wares. After all, how many ways are there to tell tales of love-gone-wrong and other various life quandaries? Somehow, though, Inda Eaton has developed a few intriguing twists on the self-made disc Why the Desert.

What she does mostly is shoot straight from the hip; writing and performing in a manner that leaves listeners feeling like they encountered a real person with a tangible point of view.

It also doesn’t hurt that Eaton has an apparent talent for crafting sticky hooks and melodies that help bring her words to vivid life. She offers songs that are equally accessible to triple-A and rock radio airwaves as they are to coffeehouse crowds. Such cuts as “Ready” and “Walkin’ on Air” fondly recall Melissa Etheridge and Jewel, without the histrionics or poetic affectations. Wisely, Eaton keeps things lean, injecting personality into her material without overpowering it with unnecessary bravado. In short, you can relate to the artist, but you can embrace the songs as your own, too.

This is very guitar and vocal oriented acoustic rock music with soulful, bluesy twists and purposeful lyrical content.

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Inda Eaton